Why is linen expensive?

Flax is often associated with high quality or premium products and has a precious history. The Romans used it for the toga, and the pharaohs for the tunics. The linen industry began in Egypt, where King Tutankhamun loved linen so much that linen garments and curtains were placed with him for the rest of the world, and were later found in perfect condition by archaeologists.

Even though a few millennia ago, flax was used by aristocrats or pharaohs, the reasons why it is valued differently are different.

First of all, flax is rarer than other textile plants. This is because the planting and harvesting process is a bit more complex, but also because the fiber is more inelastic, which causes losses in production.

Second, flax is grown without pesticides or substances, making it one of the most sustainable plants in the world.

It uses ZERO liters of water for irrigation, while cotton uses up to 7,000 liters of water per kg of product and over 15% of pesticides worldwide are used in cotton production.

The treatment of flax to achieve soft touch is done by several types of processes, from mechanical, chemical processes, to washing with stone and bio-enzymes. On our website you will only find it washed with stone or bio-enzymes.

Another reason for the price of flax is the limited area in which it is produced (several European countries), which represents less than 1% of the total textiles worldwide.

Last but not least, the qualities of durability linen, as well as those of keeping the temperature, hypoallergenic and antistatic, as well as the way it absorbs and breathes, make it a special plant and one that knows how to treat the skin properly.

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