Linen and baby sleep

The sleep of children and especially of babies is an extremely sensitive and important subject for any mother. For both their development and the family, sleep becomes one of the main concerns once we become parents and a catalyst for how each day unfolds.

There are many things that you try as a mother to be able to ensure a quality and deep sleep for your baby, from silence, white noise, positioning the crib, the light in the room, rocking or sleeping alone in the room, sleep and counseling courses in sleep.

Every mother and parent finds their own recipe for a deep sleep and maybe in the last place is what the child is wearing and what bedding he is sleeping in.

Linen is a textile, most often used in clothing and due to its hardness, often avoided in children.

However, pre-washed flax, which provides both a soft feeling for the skin and a thermoregulatory one, is a huge benefit for a child’s sleep.

According to studies, heat and exposure to temperatures above 22 degrees have a negative impact on REM (deep sleep), while lower temperatures (17-22) do not do so, because the heart rate does not trigger a thermoregulatory response of the blow.

Coming in support, the linen fabric helps the child’s body to maintain a constant temperature and to absorb perspiration, which is taken up by the material and released into the air, slightly increasing the humidity. The thermoregulatory cycle is sustained and sleep becomes calmer.

There are studies done on wool, cotton and polyester, and natural fibers are the winners. Flax especially with thermoregulatory capacity – constant temperature in the crib.

If we add the fact that flax is a natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic, it certainly becomes an interesting alternative in the equation of the child’s sleep and without a doubt, one to test for the individual recipe of each mother.

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