“We had the courage to create carefully tailored things, naturally, for both adults and children. To bring nature (back) into people’s homes, at a time when it showed us that we all need a more pleasant and welcoming “home.”

Our family story

Genuin was born short after I had Lara, my daughter. I really wanted her to have clothes and bedwear made from natural and comfy materials. Our search started like this.

Although I tried cotton bedwear and we liked it, linen won us over. When we discovered how it thermoregulates the body during summer and winter, it was love at first touch – just like with Lara.

Sadly, we did not find any sustainable or certified linen in Romania and after many orders in France and Lithuania we had an idea – what if we started producing them? My sister-in-law and my brother-in-law were to answer this with a lot of enthusiasm.

We were very excited to share this news with our families and because sometimes life is exactly like a material, connected, things come along. My father gave us as a gift a night gown made 70 years ago from linen, that both him and I wore during our childhoods. Then my sister-in-law found the linens her grandmother used for the kitchen (which is still usable). Moreover, she has a business in the textile domain with her husband, so we decided to sew this story together. 

We’ve tested the materials for 4 months in all ways possible and fascinated by its qualities: the way the skin breathes, the softness, the diverse palette and its resistance to being washed. We fell in love with the way linen fibers – 3 times thicker than cotton – make it crisp during summertime and warm during winter. Moreover, the linen production has ZERO waste, turning it into one of the most sustainable plants.

We grabbed our courage and decided to bring stonewashed linen in Romania. We managed to create items made with care for nature, both for adults and for children. To bring nature (back) into people’s homes, in a period in which we learned that we all need a more welcoming home, in a harsh way.

This is how Genuin was born – with a desire to bring nature close, to create a more soothing and relaxing environment, in a way that is sustainable and cares about the environment, us and what we call home.


The cultivation of linen brings many benefits to the environment, not using any synthetic products, such as herbicides, fertilizers or fungicides.


It is naturally hypoallergenic and electro-static, so it does not attract animal dust or hair.


Washed at 30-40 degrees, linen lasts for decades. With washing products for wool or delicate fabrics, the fiber stays alive longer.


Linen keeps a constant temperature, being cool in summer and warm in winter.


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