The difference between linen and cotton

When we think of bed linen, we immediately think of the hotel bedding, the comfortable feeling but also the pampering that they bring. Very rarely, however, we find in hotels, bedding made of anything other than cotton and cotton blends.

The flax plant is thicker than the cotton plant and more resistant. However, due to multiple factors, from production to cost, it is less common in mass consumption.

Due to their thickness and strength, flax fibers have a longer durability over time. Also, unlike cotton, the fibers are more relaxed in density, which allows a very good ventilation and ventilation of the material, which maintains a good temperature both during the day and at night.

The quality of flax is not given by its density (expressed in g / m2)

Moreover, flax is naturally hypoallergenic and antistatic. This is great news for those prone to allergies, but also for those with animals, because it does not attract hair or fur residues.

Flax does not decompose over time, you will not find small bundles of fiber around the house.

As for the cotton, it is softer at first, but over time and after several washes, its fiber contracts. The opposite is true. With each wash, it becomes softer, but the fiber does not lose its strength.

This is also the reason why linen products are sometimes given, from generation to generation, just as we have from our grandparents dresses and towels (see Family Story).

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